Owling Challenge: a ‘Pitcher’s Duel’

Last years owling challenge result, I won 2-0.
This year was off to a tense start with neither my wife nor myself able to pick up points, there were owls around, a good year for snowy owls too, but upon replay none qualified for points until yesterday. 1 point for a road side hunting barred owl for me. Found on my drive into work first thing in the morning. According to section 5: We have to be together for an owl to count as a point with the one exception being road side owls. Such as a new screech owl in hollow or a hunting owl. So this clearly qualifies. Anyway score is 1 to 0 in the bottom of the 7th.

No points for these owls as we were not together, seen earlier in the year
Barred owl:

Long-eared owl:

One challenge point for me for this road side barred owl:



  1. Ouch! Second year in a row, but Nobody’s come to my screech owl house this year except one red squirrel visited inside seen once. I think if empty in late june I will take it down , rebuild a steeper roof and relocate in farther from my housr

    1. steeper roof (45 degree angle) and a slippery covering should help with the squirrels. It really did take 8.5 years for screech owls to inhabit the boxes at site 6. Most likely due to the seemingly plentiful great horned owl population in the area. Do you hear other owls? So don’t give up hope!

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