Month: November 2010

Barred Site

Barred Site 1

Finally got a scaled up Box,for the Barred owl, installed. It has ~14″ square floor inside (16″ square on the outside), since the roof is larger and longer, I think I went with a 38 degree slope on the roof (the screech box is a full 45 degree slope) The back is 33″ high, front 22″ to roof, 8″ x 14 ” slot entrance, 14″ front, leaving just about 13″ from opening to floor. plus a couple inches of wood chips. Its covered with the same material as the screech boxes to protect from raccoon and fisher predation. There has been sightings of barred owl 3 times in this location this fall and reports of a family being seen a couple years ago. It is fairly( = 45-50 feet) close to a house. So we will see how this site goes.

Barred Site 1
Owls = Reports of Family of Barred from a couple years ago, sightings of barred owls 3 times this fall.
Location = MA
Habitat = rural, woods, scatter houses, near ponds/lakes
Cavities = 1 predator resistant barred owl slot box
Nesting = reports of fledgling (being fed) a couple years ago