Month: June 2011

Late Season Acquisition

Site 9

It seems unexpectedly this site became active again after a spring hiatus. Late nesters?
perhaps the first nesting attempt failed or was disrupted? It seems quite likely that something is going on here.

from the owners:

We had a small red owl come back about 2 weeks ago. The next day there was a much larger owl sitting next to it in the house. Couple hours later both were not visible, could have been down in the house. Since then the little red appears from time to time but the large owl has not been visible

So it would seem the gray phase (larger owl) is the female, she popped her head out at dusk this evening so I could get a pic.

iso 3200


Wrote Too Soon

Site 8

I Should have checked my email before the last post. Most of the family was relocated

In any case, I last saw an owlet in the ‘circle’ box on Wed. 5/25. I didn’t see any owls on Friday & Saturday. Shortly after sunset yesterday (5/29), however, I tracked down a single screech owl about 20 yds to the west of the slot box. It was strongly backlit on a low branch, but it was simply too dark to identify as adult or fledgling. I also heard an immature owl calling, but couldn’t be sure where the sound came from.
This afternoon, a mob of backyard birds led me to find 3 owlets high in a maple tree about 25 yards to the northwest of the slot box [see the attached photos].

My Note: Looks like a possible fourth squeezed between the lower 2 owlets?
anyone else see it?

All Fledged

Site 3.
Site 8.

The two nest with a normal schedule have fledged.

Site 3, all five fledged, with 2 leaving some time Sat night (5/28) and the remaining 3 left Sunday night (5/29).
update: the family is near by, and the owners saw the family flying around the yard at dusk today.

Site 8. All were gone by Thursday (5/26) it is unclear how many owlets there were, (at least one).
(edit there are at least 3 owlets possibly 4.)

In both cases the families have not been seen out side of the nest box, roosting. with all the foliage out, it makes it extremely difficult, even on Sunday when 3 owlets were still in the box, mom and 2 owlets could not be located.