Month: September 2010

Sounding Good

Site 8

“September 12, 2010 at about 5 this morning I heard a screech owl calling in our backyard. It was a soft trill, which suggested the owl was close to the house. It called repeatedly while I was awake (about 10 minutes). No owl appeared in either of the two owl boxes when I made periodic checks during the day.”

Thanks for the report, hopefully this means good things for the season.


Site 4

Just about a year ago, a great horned owl was heard. Sept 9, 2010 another(or the same) great horned owl was calling. Seems like there might be a resident GHO, might explain the lack of screech owls here.

Regular Resident

Site 3

Looks like this Owl is defying ‘conventional’ wisdom as far as Screech Owls and Boxes go…If anyone else has ever had a resident owl frequent a Box in late summer I would love to hear it… But to my knowledge this is basically unheard of. The owl has been in the box at ~ half dozen times since the 22nd. Including today. The Box faces south, and gets some mid-day/ afternoon sun, some of the days have been 80’s-90’s? But its wonderful to get an extended owl viewing season.