Month: December 2011

Some Night Owl Photos

Site 3

So Phil over at had some terrific night photos of a screech owl from one of his boxes, this inspired me to try it out. Granted I knew I wouldn’t get the quality that Phil got, but it would be fun to experiment with my little superzoom..I recently remembered I had a tripod from long ago for an old spotting scope, which is needed to avoid blur as the shutter speeds are so slow.

This is the Female here, she was staying in the pole box today (Although she has started to make a couple stays in the SQR type box just recently, where the nest has been for the past 2 seasons). So I watched flyout and tracked her fairly easily. Anyway it will be fun to get some more experiences like this!


After a Year, Site 4 Back in Business!

Site 4

It was just about a year ago when a December 2010 storm brought down the tree that the owl box was on. I finally got around to finding a new location and installing a new slot style SQR type box. The old box was a bit of a prototype and actually used aluminum siding instead of vinyl, It never did get an owl, but didn’t have too much time either. Used the pulley system to install the owlbox. Anyway it good to have this site ‘operational’ again.

Male in His Box

Site 1

The female remains consistent in the SQR slot type box (the nesting box) while the male has only recently been fairly consistent in staying in the second box SQR circle type box. Over the last 2 years I have yet seen the female in the circle hole box, while the male does stay occationally in slot box, but not that I have seen this year. Also of Note no issues with squirrels since the owlet rail was removed.