Month: September 2013

Owling Season Has Begun

So my wife and I have come up with the ground rules for our 2nd annual owl challenge:
Screech owls:
Similar to last year, it has to be a new, un-found (to the best of our knowledge) hollow. These get more difficult, as the area is well explored, and each one found is off list for future years. But it can be done and it does NOT have to be done together. 1 point.
Other owls:
Unlike last year, anytime we are together, whomever spots the owl first, 1 point. Even if the owl is in an area of previously located owls. However, We have to be together.
In case of a flushed owl, only if safely re-located (not to flight), the first to relocate the gets a point. No point is awarded for flushing an owl even if identified.

So this screech owl is in a fairly well known roost in the area, but a little bit earlier than I would have expected. Usually its colder and there are less leaves on the trees before they seem to move into tree hollows. It obviously paid to take a glance over, perhaps the early am rain encouraged a drier roost. So no points but it spurred us to start the owl challenge.