Month: August 2011

Meet a Locust Borer, and Listening During Dispersal

Site 2
Heard a Screech Owl early this AM. This is a great time of year to hear owls as its comfortable to have windows open, and young being driven from parents territories and trying to find their own…Dispersal.

During Sunday’s tropical storm Irene, a Black Locust in the yard started giving way, we did a safe controlled felling of the tree during the storm. The following day cutting the tree up, I noticed it had lots of critters on it, took out the camera and took a few macros then did some ID work..Two types (one mimics the thorns, black and yellow is male) of host specific tree hoppers, they, like aphids are tended by carpenter ants.

As far as I can tell, a thief ant, a super tiny ant, found its way into the frame,on the broken twig above the black tree hopper on the right side. (that is a standard size carpenter ant)

and finally on top of the fresh cut log pile the colorful Locust Borer.


Some Activity?

Site 8

Got this report from the owner Friday (Aug 19)

NO sign of owls since late May and the yard birds have been quiet. Except for today, when there was a mob of yard birds screaming in the trees around the owl boxes. It seemed like every bird in the neighborhood was there to protest something. I suspect an owl was in the box or very close by.