Not too Concerned

Site 1

I have always been curious about disturbances, and how the screech owl handles them. I have a some fluid thoughts along the line of the amount of comfort the owl has with a particular hollow vs. the severity of disturbance. The first box (normal) and screech owl I ever had (before this trail) was back in 2000, I was too excited with get an owl. I think I scared it away with too many flash photos in the 2-3 days it first appeared. I think I never let it get comfortable in that hollow it left and never re-appeared (and the following year it was taken over by squirrels).

This site, they have used these boxes for the last couple of years, so clearly they are comfortable. This was the first time I know of that a disturbance actually flushed the male owl out of his box. I was curious if and when he would return. I didn’t have to wait long, as he was back today. Must not have been too much of a concern for the owl.