Barred Site 2

Barred Success Sorta

Barred Site 2.

Unfortunately they didn’t use the barred owl box, but a pair of barred owls did nest near by or on Barred Site 2 as it appears they fledged 2 owlets in early July.

here is one of the recently fledged owlets from 7/8/15


Barred Owl Site 2

Barred Site 2

Was able to set up a second barred owl site over the weekend, it is in Eastern Connecticut. If there was a check list for barred owl box placement, this site seemed to have most if not all the checks in the right places…
1) clear flight path
2) right habitat
3) known barred owl near by.
4) space between box and nearest yard activity

So this should be a good test to barred owl acceptance with this style, let call it predator resistant, box. I am still figuring out the dimensions, this version is a bit larger area wise than the first site, giving it a 16″ x 16″ floor. This way I didn’t have to ‘rip’ any wood in half. I could use the 10″ wide couple with 8″ wide boards to make the sides, so the front and back could be two 8″ wide boards (although with this box I turned the boards 90 degrees on the front). It has ~7.5″ x 16″ slot but the entrance used some scrap wood that was quite uneven, I figured the owls wouldn’t mind if it was uneven. It is a large, heavy box, but I guess there is no way around that with barred owls. Again the pulley system, plus an extra set of hands made it a relatively easy installation.

Here is a shot of a barred owl with a phone cam, one of a few times they saw one in the yard this summer, nice that there is some scale with the person in the foreground.

a few shots of the installation and location

pulley close up