Month: November 2014

Male Returns

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Our red female owl from last year has been back in the box every night for the last 2 weeks! She has brought in a frog , a rat and a house sparrow. We have installed a bird cam in the box ( Spy on a Bird camera) so we can study the owls behaviors more closely. The gray male ( same one from last year) has been sleeping in the box for 2 nights in the last few days! It seems the pair are taking turns using the box which we hope is a positive sign that they will use our box again and we hopefully will have another successful breeding and fledging.

The male was hanging out with the snow on his head this am! he and the female are taking turns in the box!



Snowy Ice Breaker

The family took a late afternoon walk as we got a break from the unseasonably cold weather we have been having. I got my first point in this years owl challenge. It was a snowy owl. This year probably won’t be as snowy owl filled as last years record irruption year. However, if early indicators are fairly accurate then it could be a better than average year for snowies. So for now 2 points for my wife, and 1 point for me.


Spreading the Resistance: Catching Up

Great news, great update from the first one!!!and yes you did get some great photos. THANKS!

I never let you know, our pair of owls had four owlets. I thought it was three but as the first owlet fledged another owlet took its place. It was remarkable to watch.

baby owls 022-1
The female is already here using the same box as last year, already. I saw two in the box one day but as I tried to get a photo it dropped back in box though the female stayed out. But I think whatever visitor this owl had has left. I got some amazing photos.

October 28th female owl returns on 27th 005