Month: October 2012

Same Face, Same Place, Different Year

Site 3

The Female here has been actively (3-5x per week) using the purple martin pole box since september 20th This is about a month later than the first sighting the last 2 years. It was cleaned out of a Wasp nest september 11th, so hopefully that made the box more inviting for her, and perhaps was the reason for the delay. Anyway I could not help but notice the similarities between yesterdays photo and the one that was taken just about a year ago.

Here is the photo from yesterday, cropped a bit more, not quite as good light but seems like the same expression, almost certainly the same owl

and here is the one taken October 19, 2011


Flicker in the Box

Site 1

Yesterday, a yellow-shafted flicker decided to take a look-see in the box, I am guessing the owl was not around as flickers are known prey of screech owls. Flickers will also roost overnight in hollows this time of year. Seems like a precarious proposition for a flicker. Anyway the female owl was back today to reclaim ‘her’ box.


10/12/12 6:30 am

Familiar Face

Site 1

This Female has been seen since late 2008, but since I have been actively recording info (this blog) she has appeared october 13 2010 and October 11, 2011. This year she was first seen October 1 and was present again Oct. 2. when I got a pic. She could have been earlier by a few days, as it was very rainy over the weekend, but was Oct. 1 when she was first documented in the box. I won’t even begin to guess what the earlier arrival means.

(as a note when I cleaned this box there were 4 infertile eggs left so I will be updating last years summary.)