Month: May 2012

Empty Nest

Site 3

It seems that with all the exercising and commotion from the owlets in the last few days before fledging cleaned off the spider web to get a clean view. There were 5 eggs but only 4 owlets. It is not known what became of the 5th egg/owlet. Anyway, all 4 have fledged. First 2 on the during the night of the 23rd/24th and the last 2 fledged during the day of the 24th. The last 2 years I had not been able to located any of the family once they had fledged. This year, for the first time I found the male out roosting low, right infront of the nest a couple days before fledging, and part of the family was visible the morning of the 24th, when only 2 owlets had fledged. The male the lowest a sugar maple that is next to the nest box tree where he roosted before fledging, the owlets were a bit higher up, and the female higher still. The other 2 fledged before the evening of the 24th, and as of this morning of the 25th, they were out of sight. I could hear them, but could not find them. They sounded like they were higher up in the sugar maple that is fully leaved providing great cover.

oh good the spider web was removed, 4 owlets

Male roosting out front before fledging.

The family:

Female, higher up facing the ‘wrong’ way

2 of the 4 owlets


Getting Ready

Site 3

Although its tough to see inside the box as (I think) a spider web is really blocking the view. I was able to see at least four owlets that appear to be getting very close to fledging. Lots of flapping of wings and looking at the mom in the entrance. She was staying above they fray. This has been a site that I have yet to find them once they fledge. Hopefully this is the year.

Moving On?

Site 1

The pair had been staying in the box for that last couple weeks, which until a few days ago it looked liked signs were pointing to a re-nesting attempt. But I don’t think it will happen. On 5/13/12 they both were out of the box roosting in the crab apple, and have not been seen since. My current thinking is that the will be moving on and merely foraging for themselves this summer. Hopefully they will be seen again come October.