Month: June 2013

Phew Just Sleeping

Site 3

I must admit that a bit of pessimism has sunk in with the failure of Site 1 this year, So when I did a long over due check of Site 3, I was excited to see an owlet in the entrance…

…The new female had chosen to nest in the standard box that is mounted on the purple martin pole, unfortunately the box cam is in the SQR type box that was used as a nest the last 3 seasons. With her decision to nest in the camera-less box there has been visuals to check recently. The owner has seen ‘them’ flying to and fro at and slightly after dusk…

But something didn’t look quite right with the owlet, so a check it with binoculars and the head was down. I approached a bit closer, and it didn’t really move, it has been very warm with the last few days over 90 degrees. For a brief bit I was a bit concerned. But I so heard a faint call from the mom, and the owlet woke up and looked at me. Just a bit cooler place to nap a bit out of the box. Hopefully fledging will be in the next few days.

sleeping owlet (6/1/13)

phew yes just sleeping, now awake

Mom roosting right infront of box in dense cover of a Norway Maple, (6/2/13)
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