Spreading the Resistance:TX

I wanted to share with you something we are so excited about! We woke up this morning to such a fun surprise! I bought an owl house from you back in February I believe and I loved that your house had a slot entrance just for the fact that if we had babies, we’d be able to see them all. This has been the highlight of the day for sure! We have three babies so far.

image1 image2

Spreading the Resistance: Catching Up

Great news, great update from the first one!!!and yes you did get some great photos. THANKS!

I never let you know, our pair of owls had four owlets. I thought it was three but as the first owlet fledged another owlet took its place. It was remarkable to watch.

baby owls 022-1
The female is already here using the same box as last year, already. I saw two in the box one day but as I tried to get a photo it dropped back in box though the female stayed out. But I think whatever visitor this owl had has left. I got some amazing photos.

October 28th female owl returns on 27th 005


Spreading the Resistance!

I am starting a new section/tab to the blog, yep, called spreading the resistance.  So this is an open invitation for those that have got a box from owloasis (etsy) or even if you have built your own type of squirrel resistant box I would love to hear any stories box,owl or squirrel related, photos always helpful but they don’t need to be original size, reduced files are easier to email anyway. I will be posting any stories and photos sent along and keeping them in this section by tags/tabs. I will tend to keep it to first name and state, or just initials and state, I’ll keep it at vague as the ‘you’ would like, if you choose to share.  So if interested email me at owloasis at (replace with @)  yahoo.com.  Please title the email with ‘spreading the resistance’ so I can keep the stories separate from general email.

I’ll start with Clara from Massachusetts, Thank you so much sharing, excellent pictures and Congrats on the owls!!

Just noticed the new member in the box. YIPPY KI YEA. They look like the same pair as last year, as I compare the photos from last season!
The Male came first on Dec 4th and she arrived today the 12. So wonderful.
My husband got me a new camera so for my birthday so having fun recording the arrival.
Thanks for this fun.

First sighting of pair of owls 13 004 First sighting of pair of owls 13 007