SQuirrel Resistant Screech Owl Box

SQuirel Resistant Screech Owl Box.
How does one keep squirrels from taking over screech owl houses?
Gray squirrels are incredibly persistent, clever, and nimble and out weigh a screech owl 3:1. But there had to be some way to keep them out. The way I pursued was a keeping the squirrels from gripping the sides, and not being able to sit or grip the roof.

The roof is at a 45 degree angle and is covered on the roof and sides with painted (camouflage) vinyl sheeting (squirrels can’t grip well). Aluminum flashing will work as well to deter squirrels, but it is more difficult to work with, and even painted has a metallic look.This box design makes its difficult for Squirrels to climb down into the box from the top or sides. Location is the key, it must be placed on a clean straightest tree trunk, with no limbs or branches with-in 8 feet of the entrance (squirrels can jump far, if it can jump to the front, it can and will get in.)

3″ Circle entrance style
28″ bacK
17.75″ front
~8″x8″ floor
bottom of hole to floor ~11.5″

3″ x 8″ Slot entrance
same back and sides,
with a ~14.5″ front
bottom of hole to floor ~ 13.0″

Boxes are made from 1″ x 8″ (front , back, floor) and 1″ x 10″ ‘rough cut’ (This is true dimention lumber, yielding a floor ~ 8″ x 8″) White Pine lumber from local saw mill. External deck screws and stainless steel staples are used exclusively. The same design using standard dimention lumber will yield a 7.25″ x 7.75″.

Due to recent interest in these types of boxes I have set up a more formal ordering system, if you are interested in purchasing one of the above types of screech owl box, please visit the OwlOasis Etsy Store

As of 1/28/2018, unfortunately Etsy store is shut down, the site made some changes and I am trying to decide how to proceed.
If you have any questions or are going to try to build your own
please email at owloasis@yahoo.com