Month: May 2018

Wrapping up Site 3

Site 3.

All fledged here.  Total 4 owlets.
from 5/24…there were 2 owlets in the opening before I got the camera!

5/26/2018 one sleeping owlet fledged, at least 2 were still in the box!
P1200346Found 4 owlets in a tree from 6/1/18. blurry low light photo of 3, the forth was just far enough away not to be the frame.


Back to the Good.

Site 3.

Looks like there are nesting owls here.  It has been tough to confirm this as the box had been very quiet through out March and April, and observations were sporadic. However,  it seems the young owlets are growing and the weather warming, which affords the mom some breaks to rest in the entrance.  I am pretty sure I heard the owlets, when the mom tucks back down to them as well.  She seems to be skittish/protective now that she is a mom, so she tucks back in quickly if observed too much.