Spreading the Resistance

Spreading the Resistance: Two-fer

First comes in from Philadelphia PA.

I have a guest in my owl box I got from you a few years ago:…I’m not sure if it’s new or has been there a while. I recently lost a hemlock tree in my yard in a storm, but with the tree gone, I now have a clear view of the owl box from my kitchen window, which I didn’t before.

We’ve been hearing screech owls at night in the neighborhood on and off the better part of a year, including in the vicinity of my owl nesting box but hadn’t identified the nesting location before.owlPA

The next one is from right here in eastern MA:

Hi there! We hung the owl box in September 2015… and, yesterday we finally had a visitor!!! Yay! It just arrived Sunday. I’ll keep you updated. Last night we heard him monotonally calling. It was delightful!!
owlfrom ma

Just want to thank you both for the updates and congratulations!!! We have been having a lot of late season storms here in the Northeast, so I wonder if some old standby natural screech hollow trees/branches have blown down with some resultant screech owl movement? hopefully more late season new resident owls will take up liking to empty boxes!


Spreading the Resistance: TX again.

In Texas it seems like screech owls are quite abundant.  Got a nice letter last May, so it took me awhile to give it the attention it deserved. Anyway here is the note plus an awesome photo…(photo courtesy and copyright M. Simon, used with permission)

I purchased one of your owl houses for the 2016 season. We had 2 babies then, this year we had FIVE! The slot wasn’t big enough to show all of them, but another is back there. The babies only show up for a few days and then are gone. We enjoy watching them. And all have survived so far.txowl

Thank you very much for the picture!!!

Spreading the Resistance:the Kestrel Kind

Thrilled to say that an SQR box (circle entrance) has been successfully used and nested in by American Kestrels! They fledged 3 young this year. It all started back in 2013 someone backed out of a box order, I offered up the box to Phil Brown our Essex County Kestrel Trail operator (and of https://nebirdsplus.com ) he happily found a perfect spot for the box to integrate it into his project and 4 years later….A Kestrel nest! Kestrels are meadow/grassland birds, as such they have been declining in Massachusetts (and new england) so this project and its recent successes are very encouraging! Both of photos courtesy of Phil (used with permission) you can see his full documentation (scroll up or down for different years): https://massbird.org/ecoc/kestrel-nest-box-results/

the SQR box in a tree with banding crew

Spreading the Resistance: NJ

Got this nice note from NJ.

I am very excited to report that I had an owl in the box today! We put the owl box up just over 4 weeks ago, about 13′ high in an oak, south facing. We had cleared all of the lower branches in that tree and a few of the adjacent trees.

Here’s a picture of the grey Eastern Screech Owl. This is the first time I have seen a screech owl in the wild! I’ve heard one near my yard twice this past summer/fall (and once more about 10+ years ago), but wasn’t expecting to get one so soon.


Thank you very much for reporting back! Congrats on the new perspective resident!

Spreading the Resistance: Another Quick Resident

Although not a record (site 9 = 3 days)I do have a report of another quick resident owl taking up. It took about 15 days, I installed the box November 21st 2015 and then got this note in December, the owl was seen Dec 6th in Massachusetts

Shortly before Thanksgiving the box was installed.
December 6th something bright caught my eye. I was very excited but then thought it was an orange oak leaf that had caught on the box.
In fact, it was an adult Screech Owl checking things out from the hole in the box. I haven’t seen her recently but she or someone else was very active outside my window late last night.
We are delighted. I hope she stays and invites someone to live with her.

Thank you much for the update, and congrats on the owl!

Spreading the Resistance:TX

I wanted to share with you something we are so excited about! We woke up this morning to such a fun surprise! I bought an owl house from you back in February I believe and I loved that your house had a slot entrance just for the fact that if we had babies, we’d be able to see them all. This has been the highlight of the day for sure! We have three babies so far.

image1 image2

Spreading the Resistance: Catching Up

Great news, great update from the first one!!!and yes you did get some great photos. THANKS!

I never let you know, our pair of owls had four owlets. I thought it was three but as the first owlet fledged another owlet took its place. It was remarkable to watch.

baby owls 022-1
The female is already here using the same box as last year, already. I saw two in the box one day but as I tried to get a photo it dropped back in box though the female stayed out. But I think whatever visitor this owl had has left. I got some amazing photos.

October 28th female owl returns on 27th 005


Spreading the Resistance: Central PA

Brian from central PA:


…. We put ours up about a year and a half ago and just got our first resident. After a few months we almost wished the squirrel proofing was less effective so that at least something would use the box but time wins out and now we have an owl. We probably could have had better placement but were trying to keep the box in a place where we could see it….

Here is a photo of our rather ornery looking owl. 😉PA screech owl

THanks for the update! and excellent photo!

Spreading the Resistance: WOW New Record!

I installed a box in Rockport MA, Sunday (2/23/14) around 2:00pm. On Wednesday around 5:00 pm I got a call that said they had an screech owl already! Figure the owl arrived early morning on Wednesday, thats less than 72 hours after box installation. That beats out the old record of 12 days by 9 days. Quite extraordinary and certainly not expected, as sometimes it takes years (if at all) to get a screech owl resident. Now to make it even more remarkable, Thursday (today) a pair of owls spent the day in the box! If they all could be this easy!

if you look closely a red phase to the right and a grey phase a bit recessed in the shadow to the left.