Month: June 2018

Re-assigned Site 7

Site 7.

Site 7 had been discontinued, so it got re-assigned last year, and has had 2 successful nesting, one last year and one this year.

From the owner:

I forgot my box number but wanted to tell you that we have had success for 2 seasons in a row.
2017 we had 3 owlets that fledged and I believe the same female produced 3 owlets this year pictured below.
We have no camera inside so I am happy that we have these for reference. They fledged the day after their portraits were captured.
Thanks again for the update, it was a good year on this trail for nesting screech owls.

Substitute Site 9

Site 9.

Site 9 did not have a nest this year but the owner had a friend that lives near by, who also got a box from me around the same time (4-5 years ago) had an owl pair and nest for the first time since installation.  Although it is far enough away to most likely be a completely different owl territory than site 9, it is close enough to use it as a substitute site 9 for this year…

from the owner of Site 9.

you installed a box for M. many years ago ( 4 or 5 ) looked out her window and found an owl peeking out! The male is close by and they are vocalizing together! M. is so happy! I will keep you posted and I will send you a little video she shared with me! I am going over to get photos this weekend…Sad our owls left on March 20 (original site 9) and set up house somewhere else ! We have no idea why but hear them in the back near the wetlands and I see the male flying out at night!
Anyway, here is a screen grab from the video of the 3 owlets that fledged from this substitute site.