Month: January 2017

A Red Regular

Site 3

The red phase screech owl here has been quite the fixture, I believe it has only missed one day (the day after holloween) since he/she showed up Oct. 20th 2016.  Hopefully this is a sign of good things to come this spring. Anyway the pic is from 1/10/17. (Just a reminder this box is on the ‘new’ 4″x 4″ x 16′ pole set up.)


Strange ‘Normal’

Site 1 (near by)

Looks like a great horned owl has moved in a least for the day.  Very close to  where the barred owl in the last post had been roosting, and its not the first winter here that both great horned and barred owls have been using these urban woods to spend the winter. I am a bit confused as to why these urban woods are so ‘owly’ but it won’t stop me from enjoying it while it last. (No points for these owls towards the challenge.)